Pulsar 10000 - AM Broadcast Transmitters

NTCAMTX 10,000

"PULSAR" is a registered trademark of National Transmitter Co.


National Transmitter Quality

National Transmitter Pulsar transmitters are the most ruggedly-constructed, solid state AM broadcast transmitters available today. Designed for survivability in the most severe environments, Pulsar transmitters offer the combination of long-term reliability, unsurpassed audio performance and price economy made famous by National Transmitter.

Universal PA Design

The solid state design is field proven in hundreds of applications. All Pulsar transmitters use identical broadband power amplifier modules. Amplifiers are fully interchangeable within any 10kW Pulsar transmitter. This permits a standardized spare complement to be located at one flagship station. Each 2kW drawer contains (4) 500 watt modules.

Design to keep you "on the air"

The Pulsar series is designed to remain “on the air” in the unlikely event of a PA module failure. Remaining modules will continue to operate without any change in modulation capability. The transmitter contains (6) independent 2kW modules. In the event of a module problem, it will turn off, and the inoperative unit can be removed by simply sliding it out and then it can be troubleshot, returned to the factory, or can be replaced by a spare PA Drawer.

Pulsar :: Solid State PDM AM for the Real World

We know that broadcasters demand reliability along with impressive features. To keep you “on the air,” every Pulsar incorporates extensive surge suppression and overload protection. A full range antenna line coupler is standard for less-than-ideal antenna systems. A simple, reliable conventional brute-force power supply is used with the hot-pluggable power amp modules. Conservatively rated and cool running, the choice is Pulsar -- field proven by real broadcasters in the real world.

Technical and Mechanical Specifications

Configuration: Six independent power modules with integral cooling fans.

Power Output: 10,000 watts (rated) 12,000 watts (capable)

Power Control: Automatic via five (local or remote) selectable levels. 1 through 4 are pre-sets, #5 is front panel adjustable.

Frequency Range: 530 KHz to 1700 KHz

RF Output: 50 ohms, 1 5/8” EIA

Maximum VSWR: 1.5:1

Modulator Type: Pulse Duration (PDM)

Audio Freq. Resp: ± 0.5 dB, 30-10,000 Hz

Audio Dist. (THD): < 1% (95% Mod, 400 Hz)

Mod. Capability: 133% positive peak

Carrier Shift: < 2% Max. (1% Typical)

RF Harmonics: -80 dB or more below rated output

Spurious Outputs: -80 dB or more below rated output

Noise and Hum: -60 dB or more at 100% Mod

Freq. Stability: ± 5 Hz
Audio Input: 600 ohms balanced, -10 dBm to +10 dBm

Power Input: 198-450 volts (specify), 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz (specify), single phase available by special order

Power Variation: ± 10% voltage ± 2 Hz frequency

Power Factor: 0.9 or better (.92 typical)

Overall Efficiency: 80% with 400 Hz modulation

Pwr Consumption: 12,500W (0% modulation) 18,750 W (100% modulation)

Metering: Forward/Reflected Power, DC Current, DC and AC Voltage

Remote Control: Transmitter ON/OFF, Power Level Selection, Overload Reset Telemetry Metering Samples

Ambient Temp.: -10oC to 50oC

Humidity Range: 0-95%

Altitude: 0-4,000m (0-13,000 ft.)

Size: Two cabinets, combined dimensions 72 3/4” H x 56 1/2”W x 37 1/4” D

Weight: 1,800 lbs.

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